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Preparing for the Future of Structural Engineering

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Donald Dusenberry, PE, SECB, Past-President of the Structural Engineering Institute presents on a task committee report titled A Vision for the Future of Structural Engineers and Structural Engineering: A Case for Change, to help SEI and its members adapt to the changing environment in the construction industry. The following influences, among others, rose to the top priority. SEI’s responses all center on the belief that structural engineers of the future need enhanced leadership and innovation skills in a world in which technology and globalization present new challenges and opportunities. Don will discuss influences impacting the construction industry, and SEI’s vision for the future.

• Our codes and standards stifle innovation and creativity, hinder designs that respect sustainability and resiliency, and turn design services into commodities. Response: Facilitate transition to performance-based codes and standards.

• Other professions are facing many of the same challenges, yet we are working separately to solve them. Response: Lead summits with other professions on matters of common interest so we can work together and pool resources to find solutions.

• Technology has opened the world to competition and opportunity. Response: Form the Global Activities Division within SEI to focus on international issues and global opportunities.

• Our present educational system does not prepare engineers with skills to be leaders and innovators, or to operate in a global business world. Response: Develop and advocate for a fundamentally new education for structural engineers.

Improving the Business of Structural Engineering

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