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PE/SE Panel Discussion

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 11:03 AM | Christian Parker (Administrator)

In January, the Young Member Group hosted a discussion on the PE and SE licenses.  Six panelists shared their experience on a myriad of topics, from resources for exam prep, to balancing personal life with a proper study schedule.  A diverse range of ages, home states, and experience levels among the six panelists made for a lively and informative conversation.

Attendance was high, thanks to a wide interest among young engineers in moving towards licensure.  Between questions posed by the mediators, attendees volunteered questions of their own, making for interesting discussions while engaging audience members in addition to the panelists.  It was encouraging to see a high level of independent research among prospective professional engineers, especially given the complexity and state-by-state variation of the licensure process.  Thanks to all who came to learn about—and share thoughts on—this important topic!

-Christian Parker (Photos courtesy of Ting-Wen Wang)

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